Testing Capabilities

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Laboratory Operation

GeoMat Testing Laboratories, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of services in geotechnical engineering and the testing of construction materials. The firm also focuses on environmental site studies. The principals at GeoMat are recognized as a regional leader in their area of practice by Civil Engineers, Contractors, and Architectural Consultants. The firm’s technical staff is trained in various aspects of soil and rock sampling and testing of construction materials both in the field and laboratory. The technical expertise, specialized training and equipment acquired by GeoMat has assisted clients in finding solutions to difficult and complex challenges on a variety of projects. The staff will be available to quickly evaluate and address site conditions to help ensure that construction schedules stay on track. The staff is dedicated to bringing clients the highest degree of professional service; delivering responsive, cost effective solutions to difficult and complex geotechnical problems.

GeoMat Testing Laboratories is certified by Caltrans, AASHTO, ASTM, and City of Los Angeles. GeoMat participates with the sample exchange programs offered by Caltrans and AASHTO.