About Us

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Company Overview
GEOMAT offers comprehensive consulting services in geotechnical engineering, geology, environmental engineering, and construction services and macause and effect essay topics collegeterial testing. Our services are applied in planning, design, and construction sample informative essay examplesof municipal, public works, commercial, and industrial sectors throughout California. Our staff includes scientists and engineers with technical disciplines in:

  • Civil/Geotechnical Engineering
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Earthwork Engineering
  • Rock Mechanics
  • Engineering Geology
  • Environmental Engineering Pavement Studies
  • Materials Testing
  • Construction Inspection and Field Testing Services
Our services are available during initial site investigation studies and construction for building foundation, infrastructures, highways, railroad, transmission lines, grading control, and trench backfill testing. Our expertise has been used to assist communities, agencies, and industries in the assessment of soil conditions for foundation and earthwork design and construction for transportation, utilities, recreation, institutional, industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

The Coalition of Southern California Public Agencies has recognized and certified GeoMat Testing Laboratories, Inc. as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE). The coalition consists of the Metropolitan Water District, City of San Diego, San Diego Water Authority, Minority Business Development Agency, Port of Long Beach, Los Angeles Unified School District, and the Los Angeles Community College District.


  • In practicing at GeoMat, every employee must apply the highest quality and level of work to facilitate better firm-client relationship. GeoMat members strive to:
  • Be honest and sincere, and provide professional services with integrity and diligence;
  • Have the necessary skills, competence, knowledge, and experience to perform the requested services;
  • Continually seek to improve professional knowledge and skills;
  • Serve the client in a conscientious, diligent, and efficient manner;
  • Hold in strict confidence, except as required by law, all client matters and business-related information gathered during professional practice;
  • Remain free of any influence, interest or relationship that impairs judgment, independence or objectivity when providing professional services;
  • Commit to honest, thorough and straightforward communication in the performance of professional duties;
  • Act with courtesy and good faith toward other professionals;
  • Continuously strive to enhance public regard to the geotechnical and testing profession;


Based on our practical experience with public and private agencies, we have selected a multi-disciplinary team to achieve a high quality technical product that is responsive to the individual project. In this selection we have considered work experience of team members on all aspects of earthwork operations, including rough and post grading activities, and materials testing and inspections.


GeoMat Testing Laboratories, Inc. is fully insured 1with worker’s compensation, auto insurance, general liability insurance, and professional liability insurance, which satisfies all insurance requirements.


GeoMat Testing Laboratories, Inc. is a small, service-oriented business. Our objective is to employ qualified, competent persons regardless of their age, ancestry, color, creed, disability, medical condition, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.


  • Selection of qualified personnel
  • Identify assigned tasks objectives
  • Apply quality control measures to data collection
  • Review field/laboratory data to confirm meeting tasks objectives
  • Job safety meetings by project manager
  • Developing and maintaining open lines of communication with project team
  • Using proven -solving skills to address our client’s needs and concerns;
  • Operating with integrity to furnish our clients dependable advice and to earn the trust of clients