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Material Testing and Inspection
GeoMat’s personnel has tested millions of yards of concrete, for all types of projects. These projects include buildings, roads, bridges tunnels, airports, utilities, and convention centers, to name a few. GeoMat is able to evaluate concrete in place, rebar placement and formwork, to ensure compliance with contract design and specification.
GeoMat offers a range of special inspection and materials testing services performed by certified inspectors using modern testing equipment and procedures. Our services are provided in accordance with the Uniform Building Code (or other applicable code), local building authority, and the approved project plans and specifications. GeoMat’s professional and technical staff has provided local experience, expert knowledge, and outstanding service to various industries, public agencies, commercial and residential developers, and other design professionals.
Our multi-disciplined inspectors provide a cost-effective means of verifying code requirements and maximizing the field inspection effort. Our project management and field communication systems are structured to provide clients with efficient, cost-effective service. Our inspectors are able to conduct a number of different types of inspections on any given day. GeoMat provides Special Inspection and Materials Testing services for the following construction:
Plant Inspection Aggregate Sampling
Reinforced Concrete Inspection Epoxy
Floor Flatness Post-Tension Inspection
Pre-Stress Inspection Formwork Inspection