Public Works
GEOMAT Testing Laboratories, Inc. offers services to water districts, cities, community services agencies, major developers, and contractors during in-grading observations and testing during construction of underground pipelines. They are out there, however, they can’t all do everything you need them too. Sometimes, just don’t know where to turn. That’s why it is important that you work with a paper writer who understands your needs. But sometimes, they simply cannot do all the things that you need them too. You have to find one that can. GEOMAT also conduct geotechnical studies for the alignments are conducted to identify soil profiles and physical, chemical and engineering properties of subsurface materials and ground water conditions and earthquake considerations impacting the subject underground structures. Recommendations are made for trenching, lateral pressures and shoring, temporary stability of excavations, dewatering methods, pipe foundations and bedding, backfilling, soil and surcharge loading, and corrosion protection.
Material Testing
Owners and agencies have always been concerned with the quality of delivered products. Thus, quality assurance during construction is an important tool for fulfilling the quality requirement of delivered product or service. The technical staff of GeoMat, always implements proper procedures utilized in quality control programs. Our engineers and field inspectors provide a vital link between the owner, professional design team and the contractor.
Residential Development
Our typical residential projects include a variety of development types including:
Residential in-fill subdivisions
Up-scale single family residences
Residential remodeling
Residential additions and expansion
Associated site improvements from swimming pools to tennis courts to retaining walls.
Commercial development:
Our commercial projects have ranged from gas station, condominium developments, retail, industrial structures, office space developments, places of worship, processing plants, etc.. . Our experience and capabilities have typically been in the range of small to medium size projects.
Environmental Services
Environmental Site Assessments are critical to understanding the historical use of real estate. At GeoMat we follow applicable American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standards of Practice for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ASTM E1527). Technical professional at GeoMat can help identify any environmental aspects of a piece of property that may require remediation or present future liability. If environmental findings are positive, GeoMat has the expertise and resources necessary to address the additional demand.
Additional Environmental Services:
ESA Phase II
Oil and gas well investigations and remediation
Underground tank surveys and remediation studies
Monitoring well installations
Remediation of soils and groundwater
Hazardous materials management
Asbestos surveys and abatement
Regulatory compliance
Pavement Engineering
Whether it’s for new construction or addressed issues at an existing site, our pavement studies offer a wide range of services from conventional to porous pavement thickness design, overlay design, subgrade evaluation, and geotextile solutions. With the capacity to evaluate existing pavements, conduct materials testing and recommend repair or reconstruction alternatives, the pavement engineering also assists clients with construction monitoring and testing.

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